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1) Try a breathing technique like, Box Breathing. To try this technique, breathe in for four seconds (completely fill your lungs). Then hold for four seconds. Finally, exhale for four seconds and repeat. The following video will show you what I mean.
2) Try white noise, brown noise, or pink noise.... see more Think of it as the sound a television makes when it's not getting a signal (or at least old televisions), but at different frequencies. Brown noise for example, sounds like ocean waves, or to some, like you're flying in a plane. You could even make things a little more interesting by experimenting with something like listening to a cat purring. It sounds ridiculous, but it's oddly soothing.
3) Meditate. You can meditate anywhere without any timers or apps. Just focus on your breath. You don't even have to close your eyes (although I find it helpful to close my eyes). Don't try to change the way you're breathing. Simply notice the air coming in, and then going back out. If you happen to be near a computer there are many free timers online that you could try, as well as, free videos like the following one.
4) Adult coloring books have gotten really popular. Why? Because coloring, drawing, or doodling is proven to help with stress and anxiety. There are so many similar things you could try as well, such as, this online Mandala creator.
5) I found this particular blend of essential oils specifically for treating anxiety and it works. It may be very temporary, but aromatherapy can be very effective. Below is an image of particular oil blend I'm talking about which is by Wyndmere. You can visit the company's website to order it or view their other essential oils.
6) I mentioned noise, but, there is also very relaxing ambient music you should try. The song "Weightless" by Marconi Union is said to currently be the most relaxing song in the world. I don't know how official that is. But that's what some bloggers are saying.
7) Keep a gratitude journal. Or, don't. But, be grateful and try reminding yourself to help others and do good deeds. If you want to try keeping a journal, you can of course purchase any type of notebook you want, or, join a community like Ommist and post what you're grateful for. 
8) We've covered white noise, calming music, and now I'd like to introduce you to Binaural Beats. Despite the name, this isn't a bunch of drumming. It is a tone or tones at certain frequencies. So, similar to white/brown noise, but not quite. Different frequencies are said to help with different things from anxiety, to sleep, to self confidence.
9) Do something that will make you laugh. And if you're at a computer you have a lot of options. Youtube is perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ways to find something to make yourself laugh. Try going there and searching for "funny animals," or one of my favorites, "goats screaming like humans."
Namaste. Welcome to the positive side of the Internet. My name is Billy and I started Ommist to make my life a little more positive. There is only one rule at Ommist. You may only post positive content. No matter what section of the site you're posting on. There is one exception. If you're using Ommist... see more as something like a journal, and you keep what you post in your profile private, then it's okay to vent and be negative because no one else will see those posts. 
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