About Ommist
Put minimally, Ommist is a positive community with a focus on meditation. Our mission is to keep things positive, simple, give you a break from the traditional social networks, while also continually building up a knowledge base about meditation and self-help. Below are a few reasons to join.
Share Something Positive.
Our writing prompt isn't, "What's up," or "Share what's on your mind." It is "Share something positive." This is a small, some might say, insignificant difference between Ommist and other social networks. On the other hand, it sets the tone for the entire community. At Ommist, we encourage you to share positive stories, vibes, advice, and media. Also, conversations stay front and center as long as the discussion is active, instead of an active discussion getting buried.
Help us create a knowledge base about meditation, positivity, and self-help, by posting in our Q&A section.
Long Reads
All Ommists may submit full-length articles. We encourage you to share any positive stories that may help others having a bad day, struggling with depression, and/or having a hard time meditating.
Log Your Meditation Sessions
You may track the length of your daily meditations and journal about your sessions. You can easily search past entries and you get a nice, simple, visual of your meditations over time.
All of this and more is available right from your profile. Your profile includes handy, fun, and moveable widgets too.

If you have a question after joining, you may post a question publicly, or privately, in the Q&A section. Or, look me up after you log in. My username here is @billy. Oh, yeah, sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier. I'm Billy, I started Ommist because I need more positivity in my life.

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